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Who We Are

Somali Disability Empowerment Network is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation that assists the mobility challenged individuals to build better lives through social integration, Human Rights Advocacy, skill development, and useful representation in all aspects of life.

The organization operates in Somalia as a membership based organisation. Based in Mogadishu, SODEN  has chapters in all over the regions of Somalia.

SODEN has been founded by individuals that have faced the real challenges of having a disability and human rights, and who have been touched by the success of other members of this group in their professional and social life. In an effort to replicate that success in the rest of the community, the idea of establishing a unique organisation with a certain perspective has sprung.


To see the people with disabilities participating in every aspect of the social, economic, political and Cultural rights.


To provide a platform for people with mobility disabilities to develop the confidence to lead independent, sustainable social and professional lives through awareness campaigns, education, skill development, disability rights advocacy, social integration and employment generation.

Values & Principles

We uphold the following principles and values, and consider them the core of our existence:

§  Equality

§  Non-partisanship

§  Sustainability, interdependence and sustainability

§  Transparency and accountability

§  Integrity


The organization’s broad goals are:

§  To raise the morale and confidence of the people with disabilities

§  To promote the equality of the people with the disabilities to those without the disabilities and eliminate the disability stigma

§  To create awareness relevant to the social issues and rights of the people with disabilities

§  To research and keep statistics on the issues of the people with disabilities

§  To create employment opportunities by lobbying the private and public sectors

§  To create a culture of volunteerism to cultivate support for the people with disabilities

How We Work

Somali Disability Empowerment Network focuses on the following areas to achieve its vision of disability equality and social assimilation:

§  Advocacy relevant to handicap empowerment including:

o   Awareness campaigns targeted at the people with disabilities to raise their morale and confidence

o   Social integration campaigns addressed at the general public to educate them about disabilities and eliminate the handicap stigma

o   Campaigns targeting the employment organizations and companies to remind them about the rights of the people with disabilities to get employed

o   Encouraging the building-owners, banks, companies and public service agencies to consider accessibility for the people with disabilities as a priority

o   Provision of special accommodation for the people with disabilities in their place of employment

§  Implementation of projects that build the capacities of the people with disabilities:

o   Education and establishment of physically challenged individuals and people with disabilities

o   Facilitation of equipment to enhance the mobility of the people with disabilities

o   Provision of scholarships for the people with disabilities

o   Creation of employment opportunities for the people with disabilities

o   Research and publications on disability issues

We understand that doing all this requires the mobilization of the communities and organizations to do their share of the work. SODEN will establish and maintain good relations with the private and public sector to coordinate employment opportunities and raise funds to support the organization’s initiatives.

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