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On July4th 2013 Four hundred disable persons were distributed with food and little money donated by HORMUUD TELCOM FOUNDATION and implemented by SOMALI DISABILITY EMPOWERMENT NETWORK(SODEN) these four hundred disable persons was organized and collected by SOMALI DISABILITY EMPOWERMENT NETWORK(SODEN)
Each one of them was taken away him/her with his food by taxi. They were very impressed by the distribution of food and money.
We as 
SOMALI DISABILITY EMPOWERMENT NETWORK(SODEN)) stand for and promote to develop the welfare and basic need of disability wants. According to Somalia, there are no real supports about persons with disabilities. We our self we are challenges for the harm of disability. Each time we will work certainly with persons with disabilities in Somalia. This food distribution was a well come to all disability who succeeded to get this opportunity andSODEN will do such this step

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