Director of Immigration and Naturalization service Has pledged to facilitate disabled travelers accses at Addan Adde International Airport.

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The General Director of Immigration and Naturalization service met with Mohamed Ali Farah, a young activist who champions the rights of People with disabilities in Somalia. On that important meeting, They discussed the issues that pertains to the traveling of the elderly and People with disabilities, and the facilitation of the services they need while traveling through Aden Adde International airport.

Currently, there are great deal of difficulties exists at the Airport for the traveling elderlyand People with disabilities. Mr. Mohamed Ali Farah put forward some area that needs an immediate improvement. The following are some major concern for elderly and People with disabilities:
. The lack of wheelchairs at the Airport main entrance; this creates great difficulties for the elderly and Physically disabled persons to reach the terminal after leaving their ground transportation

• The same lack of wheelchairs also effects the inbound travelers to leave the airport and reach the ground transportation

• The Airport also is deficient in services of the Blind travelers.

• The Terminals itself has great number of Barriers that continuously creates unnecessary difficulties for disabled travelers.

The director, General Gafow recognized and acknowledged the vast difficulties which the traveling elderly and People with disabilities encounter at Aden Abdule Osman International airport. Also, he promised he will diligently and without tire to work on to rectify all the clear and obvious concerns that was related to him by Mr. Mohamed Ali Farah who also himself a Physically disabled person. Mr. Mohamed advocates the rights of Somalis with Disabilities. He is the head of a nonprofit agency called SOMALI DISABILITY EMPOWERMENT NETWORK (SODEN). This agency works on the advancement and growth of the Rights of People with Disabilities. The agency is based in Mogadishu, but their work reaches the entire country.

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