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Activity implemented report:

Date: 9th -15th July 2020

Activity title: Identification of persons with disabilities (PWDs) in Hodan, Hamar-Jajab districts and Waydow IDPs camps in the Benadir region.


According to the activity implementation plan from dated 29th to 5th July the project team was set up six days of field visit work for the purpose of registration target beneficiaries based on three selected locations of the project. Given consideration of the lockdown circumstances caused by Coronavirus pandemic in the Benadir region.
Based on project target sites the staff started registration of the project beneficiaries (PWDs) that was planned to carry out six days from 9th July up to the 15th of July and each location was allocated two days. In order to be considered those beneficiaries throughout grants implementation and arrange their registration to SODEN PWDs database management.
During this registration process, SODEN collaborates with district disability coordinators in charge section, PWDs leaders, and district authority as complete.
The targeted project sites were Hodan, Hamar-Jajab districts and Weydow IDP camps which were registered total PWDs 1021 of the persons with disabilities and planed schedule as following
Schedule plan of the field visit days 

NO Name of the field  Field allocate days
1 Hodan district 9th, 11th, July 2020
2 Hamar-Jajab district 12th, 13th July 2020
3 Waydow IDPs camp 14th, 15th July 2020

Purpose of the registration

  • To know total PWDs resides in the targeted project areas to respect their full participation during SODEN grant implementation period
  • To put received PWDs to SODEN database

Participated in team

No Staff name Designation
1 Mohamed Salaad Abdi beneficiaries and registrar coordinator
2 Abdullahi Farah Abdulle Monitoring and evaluation officer
3 Mohamed Isaack Noor Programme consultant
4 Mohamed Abdisalaam Deria Deputy chairman and mobilizer
5 Halawi Sheikh Daahir Gender and district coordination
7 Abdiqani Mohamed Bare Finance officer

Method of the registration

  • During the registration process, the team used formal data collection of getting registered PWDs from disability in charge section in the district.
  • The team visited disability centers in the district in collaboration with in charge sector and PWDs leaders in order to be continued recording of the unregistered PWD in the district.

Participatory approach 
Throughout registration of the PWDs in targeted project locations staff used different methods of data collection and they are as following.

  1. Method one is receiving registered PWDs files from in charge division within the district
  2. Method two was visited disability centers in the district in collaboration with PWDs leaders, responsible department for purpose of looking for unregistered PWDs in the district

Hamar-Jajab district
List of the PWDs from Hamar Jabab received from the directorate of the disability affairs Department of Hamar Jajab District. Also, staff visited disability centers in the district to receive unregistered PWDs list in collaboration with the responsible department and leaders of the PWDs themselves.
Hodan district
List of the PWDs from Hodan received from two methods, method one, through collected Seypiano disability center which has majority registered files of the PWDs in the Hodan district in regard to their collaboration of district authority. Method two was collected from PWDs leaders of the district.
Waydow IDPs camp
PWDs from Waydow IDPs camp was collected through Midnimo Umbrella which has all registration of the PWDs that resides in the IDPs camps of Waydow.

For more information about the list of beneficiaries and their details including their location click the below download button and its protected data you have to use a password to access the data.

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