SODEN has organized a meeting between Banaadir Regional Administration (BRA) Mr. Omar Filish and Somali disabled people representatives dated 18th September 2019, in the office of the Mayor.

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BRA has specially mandate to support the disabled community in the region and we ready to support you at any time without condition added the mayor. The mayor expresses his kinds, welcoming, and collaboration with the disability community in the Banaadir regional areas.

The meeting was extremely discussed especially challenges and needs that they have the disabled people in Banaadir region and methods which can support them to mitigate their particular challenges.    

The Governor and Mayor of Mogadishu Mr. Omar Finish have provided warm welcoming to the entire participants of the disabled people from different organizations.

Six members from the disabled community in Banaadir region who were attended in the meeting have displayed challenges and needs of the disabled people and their commitment collaboration with BRA.

During the meeting was mainly debated the approaches which can easily reduce disabled people challenges and how to promote their primary rights in terms of employment, healthcare, relief aid and etc.      

Finally, together disabled people representatives and Banaadir Regional Administration has greed soon to reopen collapsed office of disability directorate and to establish commitment collaboration and upcoming further meetings in the future.

The Mogadishu mayor has promised that will rebuild and reopen the demolished disability office in the Mogadishu municipality; the mayor underlined its compulsory to help the disabled community in the region.

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