Somali Disability Empowerment Network (SODEN) Concluded Two Days Long Workshop Training About Data Collection and Disability Inclusion in Mogadishu.

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Mogadishu: on 6th _ 7th December 2021, the Somali Disability Empowerment Network (SODEN) concluded well-organized two days long workshop training in which over 20 participants from various organizations under the Camp Coordination and Camp management known as CCCM cluster-Somalia were present to gain a piece of knowledge about Disability and how this excluded Somali disabled communities would be part of their developmental programs through equal opportunity and accessible manner in all life aspects.

The title of the workshop was Disability Inclusion Training And Data Collection for CCCM Partners, this workshop aimed to raise awareness and mindfulness towards achieving an inclusive society in which every person enjoys his full potential to achieve their goals.

During those two days, we extensively & broadly focused on two main areas in which were seen as very important for achieving the above-mentioned goals and making CCCM partners effective organizations when it comes to inclusiveness and disability issues.

On the 1st day, we tremendously discussed Disability Data Collection and Analysis Using Washington Group of Questions, through brief Introduction to the Washington Group Questions, where it’s used? When it’s used? How to use it? And How they differ from other tools of data collection, all these questions and lots of others were answered By SODEN’s team of event organizers, the discussion of the 1st day of the workshop continued accordantly through deep emphasizing of Disability Data Collection and Analysis Using Washington Group of Questions particularly disability inclusion/rights-based terminologies and translating disability Data Collection and Analysis Using Washington Group of Questions (WGQs) adapting (and integrating) the Disability Data Collection and Analysis Using Washington Group of Questions in Humanitarian Settings, this tool of the Washington Group of Questions enables that individually or organizations can conduct a data collection without sensitive or avoidable questions that might the participants skip due to the structure of the questions or how they are asked by the interviewer.

The 2nd day was a very important day for our workshop because we extensively highlighted Disability inclusion in an Inter-Agency Standing Committee framework and internally displaced person settings known as IDP Setting and IASC framework, through an overview of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee framework and the Current Context on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in IDPs Settings along with group discussions and actively precipitation from our participants we had gained a full understanding from the context.

We finally had a look at Disability Organizations in Somalia, Partnership, Resources, and Mobilizations as well as Monitoring and Evaluation to ensure the effectiveness of the organization working in various human developments

IOM-Somalia supported this two-day long workshop training held for CCCM Partners with the facilitation and implementation of the Somali Disability Empowerment Network (SODEN) 


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