Somalia Disability Empowerment Network (SODEN) Has Launched a Fruitful One-Day Long Workshop Session Funded by USAID Through PACT

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Today on 4 April 2021, Somalia Disability Empowerment Network (SODEN) has launched a fruitful one-day long workshop session funded by USAID through PACT, the session was titled as “Public Education and Justice Awareness” for 15 participants from the people living with disabilities (PLWDs) in Mogadishu and the outskirts of the capital.

During the session, SODEN team focused on three main topics which were seen as a quite important regarding the above-mentioned workshop, the three main areas were as the following:
1. improvement of self-steam
2. Justice Referral of pathways
3. Convention on the rights of the persons with disabilities (CRPD)
Improvement of self-esteem: self-confidence is the most important thing that guides humans towards a bright future and self-reliance, thus SODEN understands that many members of PWDs have been lacking of self-confidence due to many reasons including the culture of the society they’re living with which might promote discrimination and disappointment towards PWDs.
Referral of pathways: Referral of pathways was another key discussion to our today’s workshop as this processes enables to the survivor gets in touch with professionals or institutions regarding his/her case, thus SODEN noticed to participants from PWDs on today’s workshop hat they can freely call to our center via short number 3322 then SODEN will help them to
connect professional lawyers and institutions easily and freely.

Convention on the rights of the persons with disabilities (CRPD) and finally SODEN has briefly and precisely highlighted this point to give a clear understandings of the PWDs through covering a range of sub-topics such as a short introduction of convention, the structure and content of the convention, Convention Terminology, Rights in the Convention, International
cooperation, General principles, articles and rights in the Convention, participation and inclusion, Non –discrimination, and accessibility to ensure that the people with disabilities have at least a basic understanding of this international convention which was made for them to protect and empower through socially, economically, and culturally.

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