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Why is inclusion crucial? By Hamdi Ahmed


Persons without disabilities need to understand how inclusion is vital to persons with disabilities, as inclusion impact them positively.  This article represents the effects of discrimination that people with disabilities face, describes inclusion barriers, encourages community involvement, illustrates the importance of sports and then explains the hardships we face in to find our soulmates to promote equality and diversity.


Discrimination affects people with disabilities in a negative way. When discrimination occurs, it makes individuals with a disability feel terrible about themselves.  Most people make uneducated decisions towards them.  They also do not acknowledge them as humans. It damages those with disabilities and makes them feel unwanted (, 2019).

There are four main types of discrimination. These include direct, indirect, harassment and lastly victimisation discrimination.  Direct discrimination happens when persons without disabilities treat individuals with disabilities differently because of their conditions. A good example is when they reject, insult and ignore someone in a wheelchair. Indirect discrimination occurs if an employer refuses to recruit an applicant with a disability. Even if they have the highest qualifications than the others, this would not matter. Harassment discrimination is when someone gives a hard time, because of a disability.  Victimization is if individuals with a disability are treated wrongly, as they issued a formal complaint about discrimination (, 2019).

I have several experiences with these kinds of issues. Persons without disabilities see me differently, as they think that I am not capable of anything. I feel humiliated, although it does not affect how I live my life.  It is my responsibility to stand up for myself and fight for my rights. I always do not let my disability exclude me from doing what I want to experience what persons without disabilities experience.  This is important to me because I aim to be a positive role model for people with disabilities.

Inclusion barriers

Inclusion is crucial to all humankind. However, there are several inclusion barriers for people with disabilities. It seems that our world is putting people with disabilities in a corner. Persons without disabilities are ignoring our needs such as getting employed. I can see that people with special needs are not encouraged to find a job and to achieve our goals. Some of us have this ability. However, there are many of us don’t have. Our society needs to focus on encouraging and promoting equality. We deserve to treat one another with dignity and respect.

Community involvement

Persons without disabilities need to acknowledge people with disabilities.  They should treat us as equals to overcome discrimination. Politicians presume that they fixed these issues. However, this is incorrect because there are many issues out there.  One is when an individual with a physical disability goes outside others stare or say something offensive.  Some refuse to become friends with people in a wheelchair. While others ignore and walk away from them.  Persons without disabilities always intend to make unnecessary judgments and assumptions based on their appearances without knowing their character. It should not be tolerated to treat someone in this manner.

We should be able to be involved within our community and access to places without the hardships we face daily.  We are misjudged and mistreated. Our society tends to make harder accessing things such as higher education and social activities. Inclusion restrictions lead to questioning ourselves why we exist and what is our purpose in life is.  No one should feel this way. We should not be avoided or overlooked by ignorance.


Participating in sports activities is crucial to the well-being of people in general. We often face societal barriers and disability summons negative perceptions.  The negative perceptions dismiss us from our community due to the stigma associated with disability (Human Rights, 2019).  Sports improve the linguistic, cultural and social barriers. It makes it an excellent platform for strategies of inclusion and adaptation.  Moreover, the universal popularity of a sport and it is physical, social and economic development benefits make it an excellent tool for fostering the inclusion and our well-being (Human Rights, 2019).  Sports can help reduce the discrimination associated with a disability.  It changes community attitudes about persons with disabilities. When we participate in sports, it highlights our skills and reduces the tendency to notice the disability instead of the person. Persons without disabilities mix with us in a positive context making them reshape assumptions about what we can and cannot do through sports (Human Rights, 2019).

Relationships & Marriage

Relationships and marriage are the most important fulfilment of human nature. Love and relationships happen to people without disabilities naturally. However, persons with disabilities face challenges when it comes to finding their soulmates.  Our society feeds that persons with disabilities don’t deserve to be loved and find a life-long partner. Some persons with disabilities believe that they are not worthy of love. The main reason why they think this way is they require different support and different needs. Some even worry that they are a burden on their significant other. This outlook is incorrect, and no human is unwanted or a burden on anyone.  Our physical flaws do not necessarily have to define the person, as we are more than our physical limitations. We are not a burden to anyone. We have a lot to offer to our spouses and can connect to them. Persons with disabilities have rights to be in a healthy loving relationship and live a joyful life. It should not be ominous to desire this, as we all deserve to have it.


We may look different, think different, talk, and do things differently. You might presume it is odd that way how we accomplish our goals. However, all we need is to be acknowledged and accepted. Disabilities should not define the character of people. It should not limit us. We have lots to offer, and we are fully aware. Living with a disability does not mean to be ignored or dealing with false accusations toward us.  Persons without disabilities should enable us to live a life without worrying about what individuals think and accept us. Although we need extra time, we have the capabilities to achieve anything we desire. We want acceptance, and that is all we need.


In conclusion, it is crucial to make our society more inclusive for people with disabilities.  It will help us to live a life with happiness and enable us to achieve greatness while we have physical challenges. Discrimination taught and forced us to fight for our rights to have equal opportunities.  Inclusion barriers revealed that everyone deserves to be themselves and persons without disabilities should accept us for who we are.  We should be involved and have accessibility in our community without facing unnecessary battles.  Persons with disabilities are humans and are seeking acceptance and equality.  Therefore, persons without disabilities should treat us equally.


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By Hamdi Ahmed

Founder of Cerebral Palsy HA

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