Capacity Building Project For Mature Persons With Disability Organized by SODEN. Mogadishu-Somalia

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MOGADISHU. every opportunities and social developments made for the people are needed to be equalized in the level of its distribution.
For that to happen, each and every person has the right to every opportunities for the social and personal developments and among those persons are the disabilities in Somalia.

Somali Disability Empowerment Network (SODEN), a volunteer organization that stands for the improving and encouraging for people with disability in order to enjoy their life, has recently held a capacity building program for mature persons with Disability in Mogadishu and its area.

This project was benefited more than 50 disabled men and women who are mature and has taken six-month time from March to August 2014.
The project’s funding was donated by ABILIS Foundation which helped SODEN to successfully complete and conclude the project.

The Main aim behind that project was to equip the Somali Disability society with communication skills and computer application programs. That training helped them working with other organizations and gave them courage to express their needs and communicate actively with other Somali society.

Bashir who is one of beneficiaries of the training said, ”I am here to thank the SODEN organization and ABILIS for giving us such an important training that we lacked for years. Now I have a capacity to work with other organizations using the knowledge I have got from this training.”

bg bashir

Mrs. Asha, expressing her feelings, thanked the SODEN and ABILIS by saying, ” Beginning from now I am qualified what have been learnt in this center and I hope to be an employee in the future.”


Mr. Mohamed Ali, SODEN’s Director, encouraged the training participants to work hard and develop a way to live like non-disable people. Mr. Mohamed also appreciated ABILIS foundation for how they are helping people with disabilities in global south.

Director of SODEN Mohamed Ali Farah
Director of SODEN
Mohamed Ali Farah

Finally the beneficiaries ware awarded with certificates stating that they have taken part in that training. And SODEN pledged to continue helping and promoting the rights of people with disabilities in Somalia.





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