Microfinance project for persons with Disability in Somalia organized by SODEN

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qSODEN indeed is living to its objective and visions to the disable in the community.
On 18th June this year, SODEN was able to pay a Micro finance for 20 beneficiaries each taking $500 and a box for keeping money. This will go along way in ensuring that poverty and hunger and kept at bay.

This was organised by SODEN, for income generation and poverty elaviation to the disabled people who have been neglected and marginalized. The Monies was donated by HORMUUD TELCOM FOUNDATION as part of giving back to the community. Hormuud Telcom Foundation has touched many lives in providing necessary support to the less fortunate in the community.

SODEN with its visionary leadership, this is the beginning of the project for the 20 beneficiaries. The same is going to be rolled out everywhere in the country and transform the life’s of those who are disable by providing funds for income generating activities.
SODEN will each and every day ensure that the lives of those disabled are transformed and made to be better just like any other citizen of the country.
SODEN will remain loyal to its objective and mission in helping the less fortunate through empowering and motivation.
for more information contact    info@somalidisability.org

As we move in enlightening the world, keep in mind that disability is not inability

Soden Distributing cash Boxes
Soden Distributing cash Boxes
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