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A workshop, being its aim at how the Somali disabled women could take part and appear in the educational activities, has been started in Diplomatic Hotel in Mogadishu, Somalia and was organized and coordinated by the Somali Women Disability Association (SOWDA).

Diplomatic Hotel
Diplomatic Hotel


The various groups of the society have attended and taken part in the workshop like the Disabled Women, the head of the Somali National Women, the Somali ambassador to Kenya, the administer of Hodan District and many others.

Mohamed Ali Farah, a Disable Activist, opened the first remarks of the workshop and told that the workshop will be continuing for three months.
He also added that the main aim of the workshop is to encourage the Somali disabled women and children to take part in the educational activities of the country.

Among the other ones who made their remarks in the workshop was the chief head of the Somali National Women Association, Batulo Shiekh Ahmed Gabale.

She said that the government is needed to help the disabled people in the community as they are important and can play an important role in the society.
She additionally said that the disabled people did not make themselves disabled but the other society did.

National Somali Women , Batula Ahmed
National Somali Women , Batula Ahmed

“The world does something tangible for their disabled people and puts them before others,” was said by the Somali ambassador to Kenya, Ali Americo in his remarks at the opening of the workshop.
He added to that that some of them are even part of the high posts of the country like the parliamentary, the ministries and other positions so the Somali government is needed to look back to its people.

Amb. Mohamed Ali Nor
Amb. Mohamed Ali Nor

Abdukadir Kulane, the Hodan District administer also spoke at the opening of the workshop. He said that his district is ready to do everything it can to help its Somali disabled society. He also emphasized the importance of creating jobs for these people as it will reduce the national unemployment rate as well as that of the disabled people in Somalia.

There were a lot to tell who attended the opening ceremony of the workshop. Abdirahman Abu-Hamza who is an author also spoke at the ceremony. He told that the Islamic religion is obligating us to help our disabled brothers and sisters. He also said that the third pillar of the five pillars of Islam, Zeka, also states that among the people the Zekah is paid for is the disabled ones. So we need to create a Zekah centre to help our brothers and sisters.

Shiekh Mohamed Ahmed who is a master degree and even a blind man was among the teachers who were giving the workshop. He talked a lot about the history of the disabled people and stated that they have reached the highest level of government positions by taking the former Indonesian president, Abdirahman Waheed as an example.

Lastly Mrs. Basiiro Abdi Mohamed who is the chairlady of the Somali women disability Association (SOWDA) concluded the opening ceremony of the workshop. In her speech, she thanked who so ever helped in the implementation of the workshop.
“A lot of Somali disabled women will have a good chance to education and that is the main aim of the workshop,” was one of her statements. She lastly thanked ABLIS FOUNDATION which helped in the implementation of the workshop.



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