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These days most people seek power,wealth or fame in this world and they rarely remember other humans who are less fortune than theirs.For instance,in Somalia some people are only involved in politics based on material aspects where thousands of Somalis still live in pain and sufferers from their disability.What made me to write about the disabled people in Somalia is when I watched and heard their voices of pleading an urgent assistance for Somalis living abroad.Nevertheless,the matter is not only wealthiness and poverty it is a matter of feeling humanity which our Islamic religion had obligated us and whatever you support them can help them.They are in a terrible condition because they live in a country whose ministry of health is not functioning well;they lack some necessary facilitıes such as wheelchairs,and they walk on their buttocks and a pair of shoes on their hands.Shoes immediately wear out and they do not have spare shoes or even clothes.Including people with dısability children and women and they are the weakest people in Somalia!

On the other hand,There are poor people who do not depend on anyone.They go home with empty hands,one day they are a breadwinner and one day they miss the whole meals.They want to fast and practice one of their Islamic piller, Ramadan as other Muslims do, but they cannot receive a meal for Iftar. They keep on calling for an urgent aid. In addition, all Somalis are not equal according to this issue, some have already took their individual responsibility and supported people with disability, poverty and in a serious health condition. In my opinion, if we continue to provide assistance our weakest people in Somala. Somalia might become the most prosperous and peaceful country throughout the world. Justice and peace cannot stand its feet without taking care of every minority clan, poor, disabled, orphan, widow and divorced Somali. However, countries train people with disability and put them in a good position after providing  education and training while we Somalis cannot provide our needy ones home even the basic needs for life. People with disability in Somalia face so many problems such as wrong concept from Somali community. They have no schools or centers to provide them a formal education. I believe they have talents and super minds but they have never been on an experiment. We do not know anything about them because schools are places to realize the people’s IQ.

In brief,Somalia could be rebuilt and reconsiled if Somalis take their individual responsibility,help their weakest people and stand for social affairs instead of pursuing a policy based on material gain which might bring another dispute across the country.Social and domestic affair is a new road to rebuild Somalia which can operate the whole country without any individual interest or nepotism.

Mohammed Jarate

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