Consultation meetings Arranged INTERNEWS-Somalia and also to build on the Commission on Human Rights held in Mogadishu

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There Jazeera Hotel in Mogadishu consultative meeting held on well to the Commission on Human Rights  National zoom attended interactive Officials of the Ministry of Justice , Parliament , human rights organizations , civil society , Scholars , Women , academicians and other dignitaries , and arranged a meeting – handed INTERNEWS Somalia

During the early debate how to build Commission on Human Rights will be distributed to the participants and the Constitution Act of Eid constitutes Committee President and Members of MP Abdirahman Hosh Jabril , Abdullahi Mohamed Shirwac chairman of Consortium SOSCENSA , Halima Yareeyoo was taking Community civilians , Sheikh Ali Dheere across the Ministry of Justice , Yassin Cal Haile and he continued the human Rights Department of Justice , officials  and Chaired has responded to questions from participants asked

Members participate in interactive debate was one of the Chairman of the Board Somali clerics Bashir Ahmed Salad said that Islam has significantly SPEAKS Rights Human Rights needs to be applied in any setting in which he says that Islam is more Hadley also keep Canab Hassan Elmi was taking the National violations .

Also spoke the meeting  Director of Somali Disability Empowerment Network  Mohamed Ali Farah  said that the Board needs to be included as members of the disabled in the absence of many of these rights as they have requested to be included in the provisions of the constitution is clear about the rights of people physical Women ‘s Commission proposes rules to include the Somali people forgive each other as they entered many disabilities which have welcomed the participants also spoke members debate continued human rights organizations said they welcomed the Development Committee on Human Rights at national level however they have requested to increase the number of Board Members

Ultimately there Discussions Members Chaired including MP Abdirahman Hosh Jabril, Abdullahi Mohamed Shirwac and Isse and reportedly will take advice from the participants suggested as stated in general REGIONS Somalia will be extended to also advice on the structure of the trust to put it where indicated Chaired the Board will be independent.



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